Community-Based Integrated Care Training Program


This year-long program welcomes psychiatric providers seeking additional training to deliver integrated care in community-based settings. Modeled after employed MBA programs, this training program is structured as an employment-friendly program with a priority of flexibility in scheduling, including a self-paced distance learning component and quarterly in-person specialized skills work sessions.​


Participating psychiatric providers will focus on two important approaches to increase access to effective mental health care: (1) using telepsychiatry and other technologies to help areas in the state with no current psychiatric providers and (2) working with an integrated mental health care team in primary care settings. The comprehensive curriculum includes these topics:

  • core collaborative care skills
  • tele-psychiatry
  • establishing an integrated care practice
  • delivering care for special populations
  • ins and outs of billing/payment codes

This new program focuses on increasing access to effective mental health care by teaching psychiatric providers to leverage their expertise through using telepsychiatry and other technologies and by working with an integrated mental health care team in primary care settings. Monthly mentorship sessions with faculty from the UW Integrated Care Training Program will complement the distance-learning and in-person components.