“The ICTP fellowship led me to consider population-based health on a deeper level. I improved my clinical skills in primary care psychiatry issues and learned to better analyze systems-based barriers and gaps in mental healthcare. After completing the fellowship, I have felt better prepared to help create integrated care solutions on a clinic- and systems-wide level. My fellowship experience has also led my colleagues to seek out my help on these issues, probably to a greater degree than if I did not have this formal training experience.”- Sara Haack, MD, MPH, 2016-17 Integrated Care Fellowship Graduate


“We found the initial session [of UW PACC] very useful, as alcohol addiction is a frequent issue in our patients and we have discussed medication recently—I think we will be brave enough to try some naltrexone in the near future; we also resurrected the depression screening that was supposed to happen for all new patients to our system, but seemed to fall by the wayside.” - Gerald B. Stephanz, MD, Volunteers in Medicine, Clallam County


“I am an ARNP, and a Mental Health Specialist working with elementary, middle and sometimes high school children through a School Based Health Clinic program.  Through the several [UW PACC] presentations I have gained valuable information particularly regarding depression, alcohol abuse and suicide prevention which could be helpful in working with the population I serve although not intended for that particular age group.  The kids I work with often have parents who engage in substance abuse and several of the kids referred to me have engaged in self harm, as well as substance abuse. I continue to be amazed at how young these behaviors begin!  I have enjoyed each presentation and always found the information helpful and in many cases relevant.  Thank you for offering this opportunity for continuing education.”