Integrated Care Pathway Journal Club Selections

Previous to the current lunchtime meeting format, ICP hosted quarterly journal club dinner meetings at which interested learners discussed papers that represent the broad array of opportunities in integrated care careers. Papers and facilitators at past journal club meetings include the following:
Quarter Paper Facilitator
Spring 2017 Collaborative Care for Adolescents With Depression in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial Laura Richardson, MD, MPH
Winter 2017 From Our Practices to Yours: Key Messages for the Journey to Integrated Behavioral Health Ian Bennett, MD, PhD, 
Fall 2016 A Randomized Trial of Collaborative Care for Perinatal Depression in Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Women: The Impact of Comorbid PTSD

Evidence-based treatments for depression and anxiety versus treatment-as-usual: A meta-analysis of direct comparisons

Nancy Grote, PhD
Spring 2016 Organized Self-Management Support Services for Chronic Depressive Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial Evette Ludman, PhD
Winter 2016 For Many Patients Who Use Large Amounts of Health Care Services, The Need Is Intense Yet Temporary; (Appendix) Marc Avery, MD
Fall 2015 Controlled trial of psychotherapy for Congolese survivors of sexual violence Deb Kaysen, PhD
Spring 2015 The missing 'P' in pain management: how the current opioid epidemic highlights the need for psychiatric services in chronic pain care Catherine Howe, MD, PhD
Winter 2015 A randomized trial of collaborative depression care in obstetrics and gynecology clinics: socioeconomic disadvantage and treatment response Carmen Croicu, MD
Fall 2014 Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
A Randomized Clinical Trial
John Fortney, PhD
Spring 2014 Symptoms of Depression in Survivors of Severe Sepsis: A Prospective Cohort Study of Older Americans Dimitry Davydow, MD
Winter 2014 The prevalence of bipolar disorder in primary care patients with depression or other psychiatric complaints: a systematic review Joseph Cerimele, MD, MPH
Fall 2013 The Partnership Access Line: Evaluating a Child Psychiatry Consult Program in Washington State Robert Hilt, MD
Spring 2013 Impact of integrated and measurement-based depression care: clinical experience in an HIV clinic Shane Coleman, MD, MPH
Winter 2013 Collaborative Care for Patients with Depression and Chronic Illnesses Wayne Katon, MD
Fall 2012 Quality improvement with pay-for-performance incentives in integrated behavioral health care N/A