Case Conferences

About​ Case Conferences

Following the educational presentation at each session, the group will review one or two real cases brought to the session by a community participant. The expert panel, consisting of mental health providers experienced in psychiatry and addictions, facilitates a highly interactive ​discussion of each case and provides a written summary of recommendations to the provider who has presented the case.

The cases can be psychiatry and/or addictions focused, and the clinical questions can be simple or very complex. The cases that are submitted do not need to be related to the educational component of the session that week. We encourage all UW PACC participants to submit a case conference when they can, as it further enriches the content of the series. Watch the 90-second video below for some case presentation tips from the panelists:


Request a Case Conference

To submit a case for the UW PACC series, please complete the case conference form to the best of your ability and knowledge. Please do not include any Patient Health Information (PHI) on your form. The form is intended to assist you in submitting relevant information and to help guide you in presenting the case at the session. You are not required to complete parts of the form that are not relevant to your case.  

Once you have submitted your completed form, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a date convenient for you to present your case. UW PACC staff will also use the information you have entered to create a slide to be shown during the session.

If you have any concerns or questions about submitting a case, please feel free to contact us at