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Date Topic Title Presenter
April 25 Strategies to help my patients on Meth I am having trouble with my patients using methamphetamine. Is there anything I can do to help them? Justin Stamschror, MD
May 2 Case presentation   TBD
May 9 FAS or Cannabis during pregnancy What should I know about the impact of alcohol and cannabis on the developing baby? Susan Astley, PhD
May 16 Diversion in Opioid Treatment Are there any ways to reduce diversion of Buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorders?  Mark Duncan, MD and Richard Ries, MD
May 23 Medication Assisted Treatment Update What medications should I consider for the treatment of alcohol use disorders? Daniel Magliozzi, MD
May 30 Pop Culture Alcohol Treatment (The Sinclair Method, The Naked Self, DIY apps, podcasts) My patient asked me about the Sinclair Method to help with their alochol use. What is it, and does it work? Justin Stamschror, MD
June 6 Treating my mental health problem with Cannabis My patients are swear by their use of Cannabis. Is that correct and how should I guide their ongoing use? Robert Sise, MD