Every Thursday, 12:00 - 1:30 pm Pacific time
Date Title Presenter
4/28 Will helping people stop smoking worsen their mental health symptoms?  Mark Duncan, MD 
5/5 What are some key approaches to helping people taper off Benzodiazepines? Lala Park, MD 
5/12 Buprenorphine Dose Limits – What is the Evidence? Lucinda Grande, MD, Dave Cundiff, MD, MaryAnne Murray, DNP, EdD, MBA,
Tricia Wright, MD, MS
5/19 Ambulatory Alcohol Withdrawal Joseph Reoux, MD
5/26 Decisional Capacity in MCI and Dementia: How do you decide who decides?  Whitney Carlson, MD 
6/2 Cultural Competence and Humility Models in Psychiatry Denisse Tiznado PhD
6/9 Shared Decision Making in OUD Mark Duncan, MD & Addy Adwell, BSN, RN


This schedule is as up to date as possible, but changes may occur.