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Date Topic Title Presenter
October 5 Opioids: Home Induction Should I do home inductions and if so, how? James Walsh, MD
October 12 Opioids: Preventing Opioid Use Disorders How can I prevent patients from developing an opioid use disorder? David Tauben, MD
October 19 Opioid OD and Prevention   Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MPH, MSW
October 26 Pain and Depression My patient is stuck in a pain and depression cycle and "nothing helps" except opioids. What can I do about it? John (Drew) Sturgeon, PhD
November 2 Pain and Trauma How do I get past talking about treating patients' pain with opioids? Kari Stephens, PhD
November 9 Update on PTSD Pharmacotherapy Is there anything that works better than SSRIs for PTSD? Ashley Davidson, MD