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Date Topic Title Presenter
August 3 Treatment Resistant Depression I have tried 3 antidepressants. Should I try lithium, thyroid hormone, or antipsychotics next? Mark Duncan, MD
August 10 The Pathophysiology of Addiction   Rick Ries, MD
August 17 Harm Reduction My patient continues to drink despite multiple attempts at sobriety. Should I try harm reduction approaches? Susan Collins, PhD
August 24 Problem Solving Therapy My patient states he is "stuck" in life. How can I help him get past this? Pat Arean, PhD
August 31 Behavioral Activation How can I use behavioral activation strategies to treat depression in 5 minutes? Chris DeCou
September 7 Suicide Risk Assessment and Risk Modification How do I determine if I should send my patient with suicidality home or to the ED? Amanda Focht, MD
September 14 Suicide Safety Planning I am sending my patient with suicide home. How can I improve their safety? Amanda Focht, MD
September 21 Opioid: Vivitrol Induction How do I start my heroin-using patient on Extended-Release Naltrexone? Matt Iles-Shih, MD
September 28 Opioids: Using Buprenorphine-Naloxone in Chronic Pain Patients Should I use Buprenorphine in my patient with chronic pain who is misusing their opioids?