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Date Topic Title Presenter
February 1 Psychiatric Symptoms in the Elderly Is this frontal temporal dementia, adult onset psychosis, or something else? How can I tell? Ruth Kohen, MD
February 8  Sleep Medications When should I use sleep aids in my patients with sleep disorders and when should I not? Catherine McCall, MD
February 15 CBT-I My patient has good sleep hygiene. What should I counsel them to do next to imrpove their poor sleep? Barbara McCann, PhD
February 22 TBD TBD TBD
March 1 Specialized Treatment Approaches in the Elderly When should I start dementia meds in my patients with dementia? and other interesting questions Ruth Kohen, MD
March 8 Traumatic Brain Injury - Neuropsychiatric Symptoms My patient is depressed and impulsive after their TBI. Is this the TBI or something else? Jennifer Erickson, DO
March 15 Substance-Induced Mood Disorders My patient is drinking excessively and feels depressed.  Should I start an antidepressant for their depression and will that help them stop drinking? Richard Ries, MD