Telepsychiatry Rotation

In this rotation, fellows will spend six (6) months providing weekly telepsychiatry services through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospital and six (6) months completing a passport-style rotation through other settings including the Psychiatry Consultation Line (PCL), Partnership Access Line (PAL), UW Psychiatry & Addictions Case Conference (UW PACC) series, perinatal psychiatry consultation telephone line, and hospital-based telepsychiatry consultation.

Learning Objectives

  • Be aware of the different technologies that are used to implement telepsychiatry and to be comfortable using some of them independently
  • Be able to complete comprehensive clinical assessments and follow-ups using both videoconferencing and telephone modalities
  • Be comfortable prescribing for patients seen via telepsychiatry and understand rules related to prescribing in this setting
  • Be able to address safety concerns that arise in telepsychiatry settings
  • Be familiar with the technical specifications required to practice telepsychiatry
  • Be able to appropriately document and bill telepsychiatric consultations and document discussions with other team members
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to provide informed consent in telepsychiatry settings
  • Be able to set up a telepsychiatry services in a new clinic
  • Be familiar with the evidence-based literature about telepsychiatry.


  • Participate in weekly telepsychiatry clinic at VA for six (6) months and six (6) months completing a passport-style rotation that includes twice monthly meeting with mentors, observations at other sites, selected readings, and reflections.
  • Notes from consultation are completed within 1 day and sent to attending
  • Complete weekly supervision
  • Complete required readings