Telepsychiatry Rotation

Telepsychiatry allows patients to videoconference with psychiatrists and thus increases access to mental health care. In this rotation, fellows will spend six (6) months providing weekly telepsychiatry services through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospital and six (6) months providing telepsychiatry consultation services to a UW neighborhood clinic in the Behavioral Health Integration Program (BHIP). Fellows will also have opportunities to observe telepsychiatry in other settings including the Psychiatry Consultation Line (PCL), Partnership Access Line (PAL), UW Psychiatry & Addictions Case Conference (UW PACC) series, perinatal psychiatry consultation telephone line, and hospital-based telepsychiatry consultation.

Learning Objectives

  • Be aware of the different technologies that are used to implement telepsychiatry and to be comfortable using some of them independently
  • Be able to complete comprehensive clinical assessments and follow-ups using both videoconferencing and telephone modalities
  • Be comfortable prescribing for patients seen via telepsychiatry and understand rules related to prescribing in this setting
  • Be able to address safety concerns that arise in telepsychiatry settings
  • Be familiar with the technical specifications required to practice telepsychiatry
  • Be able to appropriately document and bill telepsychiatric consultations and document discussions with other team members
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to provide informed consent in telepsychiatry settings
  • Be able to set up a telepsychiatry services in a new clinic
  • Be familiar with the evidence-based literature about telepsychiatry.


  • Participate in weekly telepsychiatry clinic at VA for six (6) months and weekly telepsychiatry consultation services to a UW neighborhood clinic in BHIP for six (6) months
  • Notes from consultation are completed within 1 day and sent to attending
  • Complete weekly supervision
  • Complete required readings