UW Community-Based Fellowship Testimonials

“This fellowship (Community-Based Fellowship) provided me with so many valuable resources and information to assist me in becoming more knowledgeable and comfortable in my role as a psychiatric consultant and develop ideas and plans to help promote a much needed and critical path to access to mental health care.”
“Once you are past school and residency, it’s rare to have the opportunity to take part in such a well-structured program (Community-Based Fellowship) that goes into sufficient depth to really learn something.”
"[The Community Based Fellowship] has a lot to offer – tons of pertinent continuing education and the quality improvement project. The staff are highly knowledgeable organized, and committed to your success."
"[The Community Based Fellowship will take you] on a wonderful journey in which you will learn so much and expand your skills to be able to leverage your knowledge, experience, and commitment in order to serve more individuals and communities!"