UW PACC Testimonials

“Thank you so much for allowing me to present my case today.  I appreciated all of the wonderful feedback and recommendations.  As a new PA student I've had limited exposure to these mental health disorders, therefore I am trying to suck up all the education and advice that I can get.  This weekly teleconference is an incredible resource to any rural health care provider.” - Sara Steffen, Volunteers in Medicine, Clallam County


“We’re really appreciative of this program.  The content is good and you’ve made all the “tech-y” aspects of it pretty do-able.” - Sue Ehrlich, Discovery Behavioral Healthcare, Jefferson County


“Thank you so much—UW PACC is on our weekly schedule.” - Dr. Gerald B. Stephanz, Volunteers in Medicine, Clallam County


“I think the feedback I received in this case will prove helpful to several of my current patients who have similar needs. I also note that even during the case consultation I was able to get some collaboration from the other teleconference participants who I would not have otherwise known about. To me that is an important fringe benefit.”