Integrated Care Rotation

UW Medicine has several integrated care consultation models in which faculty provide psychiatric consultation. In this rotation, fellows will work closely with a psychiatric consultant and participate in a weekly phone consultation with a care manager and/or work in a clinic setting providing caseload consultation.
The resident will be responsible for developing formulations and treatment plans for patients to be implemented in a primary care setting by a collaborative care team.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the key components of a collaborative care program
  • Be familiar with the evidence-based literature about integrated mental health programs and providing mental health care in primary care settings
  • Describe the different roles and providers in a collaborative care program and the ways they support clients
  • Develop a collaborative care workflow (including triaging patients to appropriate level of care) and systems
  • Demonstrate active participation in psychiatric consultation in a collaborative care team
  • Recognize benefits and limitations in using screening questionnaires to aid in diagnosis and treatment of common mental health disorders
  • Formulate patient presentation and develop treatment plans (including stepped care) to be delivered by a collaborative care team
  • Work effectively with a care manager including identifying skill set, knowledge, and attitudes of individual care manager, while tailoring consultation hour consultation to their education
  • Be aware of strategies to effectively communicate with primary care providers


  • Participate in weekly consultation with care manager (either over the phone or on site depending on assignment)
  • Complete consultation notes within 1 day 
  • Have weekly supervision with attending about consultation cases
  • Observe consultation with at least one other Psychiatric Consultant