Every Thursday, 12:00 - 1:30 pm Pacific time
Date Title Presenter
6/16 Refugees: Listening to the Displaced Barbara McCann, PhD 
6/23 Delusional Infestation Natalie Moriarty, MD
6/30 How would I diagnose and treat OCD? Deborah Cowley, MD 
7/7-14 Summer Break  
7/21 Treatment Resistant Depression Mark Duncan, MD & Jen Jepsen, PharmD
Suicide, Overdose, Addiction, and the Gray Areas in Between
Richard Ries, MD
8/4 Clinician Survivors Amanda Focht, MD
8/11 TBD  
8/18 TBI and SUD Mark Duncan, MD & Chuck Bombardier, PhD


This schedule is as up to date as possible, but changes may occur.