Sara Haack, MD, MPH

Integrated Care Fellow

Sara Haack, MD, MPH received her Medical Degree from the University of Michigan, completed her residency at the University of Washington (UW), and has an MPH degree from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Haack was first exposed to an integrated care model when she did a rotation working in co-located care in a Native health facility in Anchorage, AK.
She chose to pursue the integrated care fellowship at the UW because she is interested in the question of how to efficiently use limited psychiatric resources. Dr. Haack also enjoys Collaborative Care’s involvement in problem solving and analyzing data in an organized way. Her goals during the fellowship are to strengthen her skills as an integrated care clinician as well as to deepen her understanding of new areas to potentially apply the integrated care model.
After the fellowship, she hopes to take her expertise to locations that are aiming to start new integrated care programs and assist them with that process. Her clinical interests include addictions and trauma. Five years from now she sees herself doing many different things and is open to exciting possibilities, including seeing herself thriving on the ground level of a new or recently started integrated care program.

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