Seeta Patel, MD

Integrated Care Fellow

Seeta Patel, MD graduated from medical school at the University of Louisville. Her psychiatry rotation in medical school reinforced a pre-existing interest in mental health.
Before entering her residency, Dr. Patel shadowed her uncle, an obstetrician working in India. When a patient came in describing depressive symptoms and was referred to a psychiatrist who had a waiting list of several months, Dr. Patel's interest in global health was sparked and it served as a realization of the immense need for mental health services in rural areas which could be achieved via collaboration with primary care.
During her child psychiatry rotation in residency, she had the opportunity to serve as a consultant to pediatricians and found this collaborative approach to be rewarding; it was her first glimpse into the value of an Integrated Care model. Additionally, during her consultation-liaison experience, she valued the multidisciplinary approach and rich discussions with medical teams.
In addition to Collaborative Care, Dr. Patel’s interests include holistic care and alternative treatments, telepsychiatry, and cross-cultural psychiatry. She is attracted to Collaborative Care because she wants to help those living in underserved areas receive better access to care. Dr. Patel sees herself teaching Integrated Care as well as working alongside other team members as a psychiatric consultant in underserved areas, and incorporating telepsychiatry into her consulting work.

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