Tanya Keeble, MD

Transition to Practice Curriculum and Brief Behavioral Interventions for Primary Care

Tanya Keeble, MD received her medical degree from the University of London Medical School. She completed a medical and surgical foundation year before specializing in psychiatry at the Royal Free Hospital Psychiatry Training Program. She then spent a year in New Zealand working in first episode psychosis and community psychiatry before completing a psychiatry residency at the University of Washington Psychiatry Training Program: Spokane Track.
She arrived in Collaborative Care through the UW Mental Health Integration Program (MHIP) program in 2010, and worked as a Collaborative Care psychiatrist in a community health center in Spokane for 5 years, before moving her focus to training residents in the Collaborative Care setting. She considers Collaborative Care to be one of her three career passions, with the other two being psychotherapy and residency education. She maintains a psychotherapy practice in intensive short-term dynamic therapy and firmly believes that psychiatrists should continue to develop skills in psychotherapy as well as medication treatment. She teaches and educates residents and medical students in her role as Program Director for Psychiatry Residency Spokane, a residency training program that grew out of the Spokane Track of the UW program from which she graduated.
She is attracted to Collaborative Care because of its focus on outcome-based treatment, commitment to education of both the patient and the primary care provider, strong teamwork focus, and stepped treatment so that the patients who are the sickest and often most disenfranchised get the care that they need. Five years from now, she hopes that Collaborative Care is both financially self-sustaining and the standard of care across the US for patients in the primary care setting.